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our vision

Sea Salt is a restaurant and bar with roots in the traditions of sourcing and pairing local southern ingredients with freshly caught fish and seafood, and locally raised grass-fed beef. At Sea Salt, we add sophisticated spins on time-tested classics such as Scallops and Grits, Steamed Clams and Steak Frites. Sea Salt takes pride in successfully using as many local farms as possible within 60 miles of the Hendersonville location.  Sourcing and tracing seafood to ensure the fish is no more than 48 hours out of water as well as cultivating friendships with fish mongers to elevate and take pride in using the best ingredients possible.

The vision for Sea Salt has always been to create a place that serves unforgettable, locally sourced food that can be enjoyed more often than solely for special occasions. While the locally inspired menu is reason enough to visit Sea Salt, its bar cannot be overlooked. The bar program features regional craft beers, a carefully curated wine list, and specialty cocktails formulated specifically with the menu and concept in mind. The team has crafted a unique wine list that pairs perfectly with the seasonal cuisine and beautiful flavor profiles created by the Chef.  The bar at Sea Salt truly showcases the best that this region has to offer.

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