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Enjoy LIVE music Tuesday through Saturday beginning at 8pm featuring:

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Driven by her deeply rooted love for music and ambitious nature, Mandi Stapleton entered the competitive world of vocal performance at an early age. Mandi was born in Boston but was raised in the small mountain community of Covington, Va. Living in the heart of Appalachia instilled a genuine love for folk music and later inspired original works like "Virginia" and "Simple Song".

Mandi spent her first years of college traveling the country with a nationally recognized gospel ensemble and searching for a musical style that she could make all her own. After graduating from Marshall University with a degree in Exercise Physiology, Mandi moved south to Charlotte, NC where she now works as a personal trainer and running coach in addition to serving as an instructor in Krav Maga, the self-defense discipline developed for the Israeli Defense Force.

Once in Charlotte, Mandi became increasingly aware that she needed music to be a more prominent part of her life. She began performing at local restaurants and bars to increase her comfort level and gain community exposure and began writing original lyrics and melodies. In 2008, a local television show noticed her talent and gave her the opportunity to write and record the show’s theme song. Mandi's charitable contributions also include composing and recording a song that was used in a documentary for the Multiple Sclerosis Society.

With a voice that draws you in and words that make you linger, Mandi has a modern sound that evokes a soulful reminiscence of much earlier times. Whether performing an original song or a classic cover, her emotional connection to each song adds an edge to every performance. There is a deep sophistication that is evident in her music and in her ability to write and deliver lyrics that you can feel.




The vocal trio, BONNIE, is comprised of Angelica Robinson, Cricket Davis, and Jordan Barry - three strong vocalists all hailing from the Southeast. Each of these artists moved to Nashville to pursue music careers and after becoming friends, sharing the stage just seemed to be the next likely step. All it took was one performance with an organic, flawless mix of each of their personal styles and BONNIE was born. Since then, the girls have been taking the Nashville music scene by storm with their breathtaking harmonies, soulful vibe, and genuine on-stage chemistry.

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Nashville's Piano Man can be found playing the piano and belting out classic tunes at venues throughout "Music City" every night of the week.


Jamie's talent and passion for music were evident by the age of four, when on a whim he sat down at his grandparent’s old piano and began to play. There were never any music lessons for Jamie; amazingly he can't even read music.


It's God's gift, a loving family, and his innate connection to music that has helped forge Jamie’s path. It’s a path that led him from his hometown in Northern Alabama to Nashville over a decade ago to pursue a successful career in music.

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