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Sea Salt sources Icy blue mussels from Prince Edward Island that truly showcase what the perfect mussel should taste like.  Beautiful plump mussels with hints of salinity and brininess.



The unique waters around Georgia’s Sapelo Island are perfect for growing shellfish.  Sapelo Sea Farms grows clams and oysters in these waters, where high tides and clean water result in sweet, succulent clams and perfectly salted oysters.  With some of the largest tides on the Southeastern coast, averaging seven feet, and more than 30 percent of all of the east coast marsh helping filter and clean the water – Georgia’s ecosystem is ideal for growing and sustaining healthy fisheries.


Bucksnort Trout Ranch, established in 1966 is the premier trout production facility in Tennessee. Located about an hour due west of downtown Nashville, the ranch is conveniently located right off I-40 at the mile 152 exit. The 62 acre property boasts beautiful views of crystal clear Sugar Creek, stunning rock formations along the rustic mile long gravel access to the facility, and one of the most enjoyable and affordable family fishing experiences you will find anywhere.




Springer Mountain Farms is a family-owned business nestled in the hills of the Blue Ridge Mountains with over 50 years of experience in raising chickens. We exercise great care in all that we do, and our dedication to providing our chickens with a quality life and healthy diet results in a healthier, more delicious chicken for you and your family to enjoy. Try Springer Mountain Farms chicken today by locating a store or restaurant near you or ordering online.


Bells Bend Farm:

Bells Bend Farms was started in 2008 by a group of neighbors living in the community of Scottsboro-Bells Bend in Northwest Davidson County, Tennessee.  Faced with unwanted large scale commercial and residential development in the area, this group of diverse neighbors has a history of banding together in an attempt to protect the place they love and call home. 

In the late 1980s, 800 acres of land in Bells Bend was slated to be the next major landfill in the county.  Area residents protested the thoughtless destruction of farmland, even leading to a few local farmers blocking the only road leading into Bells Bend, on their well-used tractors, of course.  The city eventually sided with the neighbors and the 800 acre area became the beautiful Bells Bend Park.

Bloomsbury Farm:

“A love of farming has been passed down through generations of my family. My father was raised by his grandparents on a dairy farm, and though they were forced out by the Army Corp of Engineers and eminent domain, his love of the land and its gifts only deepened. His motto for our family has always been “bloom where you were planted.” Like my father, my mother possesses a deep reverence for the land, and, after ten years of searching, they found a place where their shared love of it could take root, a place where they cultivated my passion for it, and a place where I hope to pass the same on to my own daughter — the place we named Bloomsbury Farm.”

— Lauren Palmer

Greener Roots:

Greener Roots Farm is Nashville's first commercial scale hydroponic vertical farm. We grow herbs and leafy greens indoors, year round and supply them to local establishments. All of our produce is pesticide, herbicide, and GMO free and travels less than 50 miles from farm to fork.

We use 90% less land and water than conventional farming, resulting in a production that yields 10x more produce per square foot. We are passionate about urban agriculture and believe it is a key component in revolutionizing and expanding access to fresh, hyper local, nutrient dense produce. 

Our indoor vertical farm and state of the art greenhouse combined produce more than 28 tons of nutrient dense produce per year. We grow a wide variety of herbs and leafy greens and distribute them to local restaurants and grocery stores.

Rocky Glade Farms:

Rocky Glade Farm is all about family. We have a commitment to our family and to YOURS to grow the best food we can and conduct our business in a manner pleasing to God, by selling only the very best our farm produces.

Rocky Glade Farm was established in 1998 after we (Jim and Julie) were married earlier that summer. We both started out with public jobs but felt a calling back towards "home" and farming. What began by growing out a few custom beef calves for friends and a garden for ourselves is now a full-time job for the both of us. Rocky Glade Farm is a busy place utilizing approximately 50 acres to raise vegetables, and grass-fed beef.

We are a husband and wife along with four farm boys of our own working hard to raise the best food possible for you each day! #itsallHIS

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